About Us

PT. Ganesha Exim is a Padang based Trading House dealing in soft commodities such as spices, natural gums and resins. It was set up in 2005 with a view to harness opportunities both in inward and outward trade from Indonesia. Since its inception the unit has chosen to focus on niche products where Indonesia has inherent competitive advantage; namely agro-commodities.

Our exports are mainly to the Asian Subcontinent and Middle Eastern Countries. The company is looking for new markets in North America, South America and Europe.

Over the years, PT. Ganesha Exim has built up a solid sourcing and marketing network across Indonesia. We operate through a wide network of farmer co-operatives at village and district level which allows us to procure directly from the farmers. All our purchases are accumulated, inspected, processed and packed for shipment in our warehouses in Padang.

PT. Ganesha Exim offers more than just experience and reliability as an International Trading House, we consider ourselves as an extension of your organization.