Product Description:

Betelnuts (also called Arecanuts) are the dried seeds of the Areca Catechu palm normally found in India, Indonesia,Malaysia,Myanmar and Thailand. This slender palm normally 30 metres tall has hard, ovoid, reddish-orangish coloured fruits, which possess a fibrous mesocarp and a thin woody endocarp enveloping one seed each.
The fruits are normally sun dried till the mesocarp and endocarp can be removed. The dried seed is then used as Betelnuts. Betelnuts are normally sold in 4 variants.; whole betelnuts, split betelnuts, lali (red betelnuts) and boiled/steamed betelnut.


Arecanuts/betelnut is widely employed over most of South Asia as a masticatory, due to its stimulating, digestive and cardiotonic properties exerted by tannin and alkaloid substances present within. The most common use for arecanut is in the ritual chewing of the betel-quid (also called ‘paan’ ) in India & Pakistan. Betelnuts are also used for the cure of intestinal worms and for cosmetic purposes such as anti-ageing.

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