Product Description :

Cubeb Pepper is the fruit of another species of the piperaceae family. The stalked berries are little bit larger than pepper corns, having furrowed surface. Most berries are hollow. They are sold whole and are normally crushed before usage.

Cubebs have a pungent and a strong terpene aroma. The dried fruit contains up to 10% essential Oil. The pungency is caused by the lignane cubebin and several related compounds.

Cubeb came to Europe via Indonesia through trade with the Arabs. The Ayurveda included cubeb in various remedies. Cubeb is a pepper family member with a tail which grows in the forest of Indonesia including Penang, Sumatra, new guinea. It is a perennial vine and the leaves are smooth, scaly spikes, growing into cluster of berries. This plant is cultivated for its essential fruits and oils. Cubebs are dried, unripe berries, which look like black pepper.

Medicinal properties

We use cubeb as a medicine for digestive ailments and it is also effective in treating an infection. It has antiseptic, anti-dysenteric, irritant and sedative properties. It is useful in the treatment of piles, cold, cough, respiratory function, and reproductive system relative problems.


Its aromatic qualities would go with cheese and vegetable dishes.

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