Product Description :

Damar Batu is a yellowish- brown colored, stoned-shaped hard resin, obtained form a particular variety of the dipterocarp species.

The resin is obtained through collection of the hardened resin exudates, lying below the ground in fossilized form, close to the tree roots. The collected resin is then scraped using iron bristled brushes to remove mud and dirt residue and then sun dired.

Indonesia is by far the largest sources of internationally traded Damar Batu. Here it is found mainly is South Sumatra and Kalimantan. Some damar batu varieties are also obtained from Vietnam, Cambodia and laos.

The quality of commercially traded Damar Batu is determined mainly by the size of the resin pieces, their colour and the amount of damar dust accompanying each lot. Larger sized prices (above 3 inches) of yellow to brown colour with 5% dust are considered to be of higher quality (Super/Bombay quality).This quality may then be sub-classified as scraped or unscraped. Scraping to the Damar batu basically means that additional cleaning is done to each piece to remove external dirt. Small sized pieces (about 1 inch) of yellow to brownish-back colour wiyh up to 20%dust are normally found in the low quality range (Mixed/Calcutta quality).


Damar batu is used in the manufacture of inks, polishes, varnishes, water-resistant coatings and injection moulding materials.

In countries like India and Bangladesh, Damar Batu is used for caulking bosts and baskets.

In India, Damar batu is also used as incense and sometimes as a natural mosquito repellent. It has also been used as an intermediates in the  traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine.

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